College Services

Moving can be stressful, especially during finals week or panhellenic recruitment. Our services have been tailored to ease the stress of moving season by keeping each move simple, affordable, and efficient. Read through our options to find the service that best fits your needs!

In and Out Service

Our In and Out Service is great for clients looking to load or unload 3 items or less. Two Room2Room Movers will arrive at your location ready to move your belongings.

Eagle Express Service

Our Eagle Express Service is great for clients in need of help loading or unloading their own personal transportation. Two Room2Room Movers will arrive on-site, with dollies, ready to move.

Tiger Transport Service

Our Tiger Transport Service takes care of the loading, transportation and unloading process. Two Room2Room Movers will begin at pick-up location where all belongings are loaded onto our moving truck. From there, we transport and unload all belongings into their new home!

Residential and Commercial Services

In addition to serving college customers, Room2Room Movers is proud to work with residential and commercial customers across the Auburn and Opelika area! Whether you need us to bring a truck, or simply labor, we’re ready to handle moves of any size.

Handyman Service

Turn your dorm room into a dream room! Don’t wait! Book a cheap handyman today!

Handyman Basic

Perfect for quick tasks to make any space your space.

Assemble bed frame Hang a picture frame Hang a mirror

Handyman Premium

For more complex tasks, choose our Premium option.

Hang curtains Hang/mount a TV Assemble furniture

Why Room2Room Movers?

  • Our team is homegrown and familiar with the area. Our owner was born and raised in Auburn and has been moving college students since his early high school days.
  • We offer pre-determined rates to all our clients. Other moving companies charge 3 to 3.5-hour minimums, while our hourly minimums are more suitable for a one-bedroom move.
  • We ensure the only items loaded onto our trucks are those of the current client. Handling one job at a time will guarantee items are not misplaced.
  • Our movers are hard working college students, so you’re helping them pay their way through school.