1. Be around your phone as your scheduled appointment approaches. Our workers will be assigned your specified location, but as moving season gets chaotic, access to prime parking spots will be limited. If our movers are forced to find an alternative parking location, they will contact you to talk through possibilities.
  2. Pack your belongings in boxes and bags that are reliable. The first step in the process of a safe move starts with sturdy packing. Make sure you are using bags and boxes that are new or gently used. This will tremendously increase the efficiency of the entire moving process.
  3. Do not pack fragile items with non-fragile items. Dishes, TV’s, laptops and other fragile belongings should be wrapped and packed into their own individual cartons.
  4. Keep your boxes light and manageable. Do not overload your cartons. If you cannot easily lift the carton, it is too heavy! Keep the weight of a single box to less than 50 pounds.
  5. Make sure all your clothes are secure. Securing all clothes in their respective packing arrangements will ensure they arrive at the destination as clean as they left. Any clothes attached to hangers should also be packed away in order for our team to carry out an efficient move.
  6. Use proper padding when packing your boxes. Allow packing paper and bubble wrap to be your best friend! As general rule of thumb, use more cushion than you think.
  7. Label all belongings. Labeling your belongings will ensure that they are stored in the right place and give you a head start on unpacking.