We believe loyalty should be rewarded. Every time you move with Room2Room Movers as a member of our Free Move Club, you’ll earn points toward a FREE or highly discounted move.

It pays to be a member.

We’ve designed our Free Move Club so that a student who moves with us starting in their freshman year will receive a COMPLETELY FREE move by their senior year – or sooner!

20,000 points = 1 Free Move
10,000 points = 50% Off

We welcome parents to become Free Move Club members, too – whether you have one, two, or more Auburn students in your family, you can earn points for every move and track all of your booking history in one place.

Room2Room Movers cannot guarantee a free move will be earned within a particular time period.

Choose Your Level

Basic Membership Status

  • Earn 10 points for every $1
  • Earn 150 points for every referral
  • Earn 100 points upon signup
  • Track your move history online
  • Access to bonus point offers

Premium Membership Status

  • Earn 25% more points for every $1!
  • Earn 150 points for every referral
  • Earn 250 points upon signup
  • Track your move history online
  • Get access to exclusive bonus point offerings and real-time moving info
Pay once, receive premium for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Basic tier membership is completely FREE! Our Premium tier membership can be selected for a one-time cost of $50.

Yes! Parents are welcome to create a single account and book all of their moves while logged in. If you have more than one student at Auburn, you’ll earn FREE moves much faster!

We work closely with Auburn University, local apartment complexes, and related businesses to coordinate the busiest moving seasons each year. As a Free Move Club Premium member on our email list, you’ll receive on-the-ground updates, suggestions and more to make your moves each year as smooth as possible.

No. Fraternities, sororities, clubs, or other organizations may not create and use a shared Free Move Club account. If we discover that such an account has been created, or if we have reason to believe that an account is being shared, we reserve the right to restrict access to the account or terminate the account entirely, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

By booking a move:

Tiger Transport Service = 3,500 points
Eagle Express Service = 2,000 points
In and Out Service = 1,300 points

Our premium members earn 25% more!
Refer a friend:

150 points for the person referring
100 points for the person being referred

Share your referral code!
Claim bonus points:

100-250 points for signing up
100+ points per emailed bonus

It pays to be subscribed!

A unique referral code is available in your Account – just copy that and send it to your friend, family member, colleague, church member, or anyone else. Once that person creates a Free Move Club account and books their first move while logged in, both you and they will receive points.

Absolutely! You are welcome to share your referral code on social media or anywhere else online where you think Auburn students or parents might visit, and you are allowed to post. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can earn points for – whether one person or 100 people use your code to sign up then book a move, you’ll get points for all of them. Note: new members must book a move before points will be granted.

Moves must be booked while you’re logged in to your Free Move Club account. If you were not logged in, points will not have been granted. We may be able to help in some cases – if you believe you should have received points for a move, please contact us with the details.

The Free Move Club is our upgrade from the coupons we offered at the end of the booking process. Any previously-issued, unexpired coupons are currently still valid, though we reserve the right to discontinue any previously-issued coupons at any time, for any reason.

Terms & conditions apply to Free Move Club membership. Please read the Terms carefully.